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Die NASA möchte in vier Jahren ein Space-Hotel an die Raumstation ISS andocken und eine Nacht soll "nur" 32.000 Euro kosten (inklusive Space-Frühstück hoffentlich). Doof nur, dass der Flug in eure Weltall-Pension nochmal schlappe 70 Millionen Dollar abverlangt. Ich könnte mir aber durchaus schlimmere Dinge als die NASA vorstellen, an die Rich Peoples dann ihr viel zu vieles Geld loswerden können.

NASA wants to open the ISS up to commercial opportunities. [...] As part of the new agreement, Axiom will attach a new kind of habitat module to the station’s Node 2 docking port, for at least five years (with a two-year option to follow).
The habitation module in Axiom Station was designed by French designer Philippe Starck as a “comfortable and friendly egg.” It features a cushioned interior and hundreds of small LEDs that provide optimal lighting and color. Axiom says its ISS segment will include a crew habitat, a research and manufacturing space, and a large windowed component for viewing Earth.