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Ein VFX Design Project eines Künstlerkollektivs, die sich in 1 1/2 Minuten mal so richtig ausgetobt haben. Mit unendlichen vielen flashigen Cuts (Epilepsiegefahr). Und noch mehr verrückten Ideen. Und eine Ziege.
"Double-Blind No.1 is a VFX design project by Zenon Kohler, Jasper St Aubyn West, Ian Anderson, Ricky Marks and Raoul Teague. Their self-imposed brief was to produce a collection of unique shots by experimenting with different styles and creative techniques. With access to all of the raw footage, each artist selected shots they felt would best inspire their individual creativity. There was no expected outcome or planned narrative, instead the result shows what happens when five artists are let loose with a goat, a gasmask, and their imaginations. "