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Die kuhlen Dudes von C.O.W. 牛. haben für ihre neue EP die Lemminge von damals™ ausgegraben, sie in Kühe verwandelt und lassen euch die neue alte Retro-Version online zocken. Und die hat einen ziemlich geilen Soundtrack - denn zu den Levels bekommt ihr die neue Platte des anonymen Künstlertrios auf die Ohren.
Lasst euch aber nicht zu sehr von der laut Presse zwischen Flying Lotus und Hudsown Mohawke angesettelten Mucke ablenken - sonst sterben Kühe. ;o)

C.O.W. 牛 are a German electronic act & digital art project. Wanting to breakout of the stagnating German pop-culture, C.O.W. 牛 was founded in December 2015. Not only should their music – but also their appearance and form – reflect a new zeitgeist. The identities of their members (experienced producers and musicians from Munich, Berlin and Beijing) dissolve into the artistic persona C.O.W. 牛.

They produce and play mostly instrumental electronic music, which spans from obscure jazz interludes to electrified club beats. Their music is accompanied by a strong visual concept. Performing behind 8bit-pixel-masks and utilising their self-made visuals they provide for a rich live-experience and unfold the strong persona of C.O.W. 牛.

Bold, cheeky and extravagant, these artists created their own genre. It is not easy to label C.O.W. 牛, but if you must you can place them between Flying Lotus and Hudson Mohawke. However, we recommend a special place for exceptional art and sick music!