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C.O.W. 牛 – Internet

Meine Lieblingskühe haben ein neues Album über den Heimatort von Memes, Streams und Cookies gemacht: das Internet. C.O.W. 牛 erheben sich erneut von der Weide und glitchen wieder in die digitale Beat-Production. Mit Feature-Gästen wie Kid Simius & Dexter. This is how "kuhl" sounds.

The internet is a place of uncountable content, phenomenon and impressions. However, in the worldview of the collective all of these can be comprised into four elements: EPIC, FURY, LOVE and DRUGS. A philosophical concept turned album. Four elements that define our surrounding, our taste- and opinion-makers, our filterbubbles and echo-chambers. We all know and experience them when traveling through that fantastic space.

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