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1UP – Coral Reef – Video

Das Making-Of vom ersten Korallen-Graffiti der Welt gibt's nun auch als Bewegtbild. Umweltfreundliche Berliner Kunst an der Meeesküste der Insel Bali. Als animalisches 3D-1UP-Logo für eine vom Aussterben bedrohte Art.

The world has lost roughly half of its coral reef in the last 30 years.
Science estimate 90% of corals will die by 2050 due to human impact.
Without bold action we risk losing them all in OUR lifetime.

The @1up_crew_official and @coralguardian collaborated with the
@pangeaseed Foundation’s @seawalls_ Bali team and the @allcapsstore
family to create the world’s first underwater 3D graffiti installation
that serves as an artificial coral reef to help regenerate corals and
marine life in Nusa Penida.

This amazing piece of ARTivism can be found just in front of the Next
Level Cafe along the JL Ped - Buyuk road in Nusa Penida. Go and check it
for yourself. And help us to protect our beautiful marine environment by
not using single use plastic.

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