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Die Disneyland-Orgie auf 6 Skateboards

Die '67er Disney-Orgie vom Mad-Zeichner Wolly Wood als colorierter Print auf 6 Skatedecks. Mit Heroin-Mickey, 7 Gangbang-Zwergen und einem fickenden Einhorn. Get your childhood fucked up. On Boards.

Pluto is pissing on a portrait of Mickey Mouse, while the real, bedraggled Mickey is shooting up heroin with a hypodermic needle. His nephews are jerking off as they watch a combination bed and cash register where Minnie Mouse is fucking Goofy. The beams shining out from the Magic Castle are actually dollar signs. Dumbo the elephant is simultaneously flying and shitting on an infuriated Donald Duck. Huey, Dewey and Louie are ogling Daisy Duck’s asshole as she watches the Seven Dwarves groping Snow White.
The Prince is snatching a peek at Cinderella’s snatch while trying a glass slipper on her foot. The Three Little Pigs are humping each other in a daisy chain. Jiminy Cricket is leering as Tinker Bell does a striptease and Pinocchio’s nose gets longer and longer.


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