VirtuaVerse | Cyber-Pixel-Punk’d Point&Klick-Game

Der offizielle Trailer zum neon-pink-blauen Sci-Fi-Point&Klick VirtuaVerse, das vom großartigen deutschen Pixelmacher Valenberg designt wurde. Story & Soundtrack stammen von einem Cyber-Metal-Artist - programmiert wurde es u.a. von dem Typen, der den Nintendo-Handschuh mitentwickelt hat. A Cyber-Pixel-Punk'd Retro-Future-Adventure rundum Bionik & Augmented Reality - sounds like I'm totally in.

In the world of VirtuaVerse, society is now migrating to a permanently augmented world managed by a global neural network. The protagonist, Nathan, is an outsider that refuses to comply with this new system, so he is making a living off the grid as a smuggler of pirate gadgets and cracked software.
Waking up one day he finds out his girlfriend Jay disappeared overnight and broke his custom Augmented Virtual Reality glasses, leaving only a mysterious message on the bathroom mirror of the apartment. She’s an AR graffiti writer whose drones have been bit-spraying techno-color all over the augmented space in the city.
Disconnected and determined to find out what happened to Jay, Nathan thus finds himself on an unexpected journey of technomancers, AR graffiti rebels, digital archeology, epic cyberwars, and virtual reality debauchery. (Source)

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