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Caribou hat 1000 Songs For You | The Longest Mixtape


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Caribou  beschenkt seine Fans mit einer Playliste aus 1000 Songs, die ihn irgendwie irgendwann im Leben begleitet haben. Wahrscheinlich ist fast die Hälfte davon nicht in deinem D-Land verfügbar, aber da bleiben ja dann immer noch genug Tracks übrig. Über 2 Tage (ca.) Mucke solltet ihr aber dennoch durchgängig hören können. Und ich werde die jetzt einfach mal anschmeißen. Für nebenbei und so.

"The last few years of my life have been incredible, thanks in large part to all of you - so I've been thinking of how to say thank you. As you can imagine, music has been a central love of my life since I was a teenager and over the years I've been introduced to a lot that has stayed with me. I've collected the majority of that music here – and I thought sharing it with you seemed like one way I could say thanks.  I'm sure some things are under-represented or over-represented, but roughly speaking this is a musical history of my life. Of course a lot of this music has come to me through my friends - thank you to Koushik, Kieran, Jeremy, Gary, Brandon, Jason, Sam, Ketan, Ryan, Toby and many others... Also, please share music with me that you think I would like but is not included here, in the hope this becomes a dialogue rather than a monologue."


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