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FlashDrivesForFreedom.org sammelt USB-Sticks, die anschließend mit all' den Infos aus dem Internetz befüllt werden, die in Nord-Korea und China nicht online zugänglich bzw. zensiert sind (inklusive einem Offline-Wikipedia). Damit will man der dortigen Propaganda-Maschinerie von Fatty dem Dritten das Maul stopfen. In your fuckin' face, Kim Jong-Un.

Believe it or not, USBs are a significant form of sharing information in North Korea. Many citizens have devices with USB ports. So for many years, North Korean defectors have organized efforts to smuggle outside info into North Korea on USB drives to counter Kim Jong-un’s constant propaganda. But these groups were buying USB drives at cost with limited resources.
Flash Drives For Freedom is a campaign that travels the world inspiring people to donate their own USB drives. As a collaboration between the Human Rights Foundation, Forum 280, and USB Memory Direct, Flash Drives for Freedom is significantly increasing the capacities of these North Korean defector groups.

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