Bankseawatch | Banksy spendet komplettes Seetnotrettungsschiff

Falls ihr euch gefragt habt, was der weltweit bekannteste Streetartist eigentlich mit dem ganzen Geld macht, das ihm die High Society für seine Kunstwerke in die Hand drückt: nun, gerade hat er, um Flüchtlinge im Mittelmeer nicht tatenlos ertrinken zu lassen, ein komplettes Schiff an die Crew der SeaWatch gespendet. In pink. Und mit Rettungsherz. 💜

The artist has financed a rescue operation to bring refugees from North Africa safely to Europe aboard the Louise Michel. The boat is crewed by activists who have worked in search-and-rescue missions with Sea-Watch, a German NGO that patrols the Mediterranean to rescue migrants.

The artist approached Sea-Watch captain Pia Klemp last September in the hopes of aiding their efforts.

“I’ve read about your story in the papers. You sound like a badass,” Banksy wrote to Klemp, according to the Guardian. “I am an artist from the UK and I’ve made some work about the migrant crisis, obviously I can’t keep the money. Could you use it to buy a new boat or something? Please let me know.” (artnet)

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