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Fan-Film: Vader Episode I | Scherben der Vergangenheit

Regisseur Danny Ramirez hat in 16 Minuten geschafft, was Episode I, II & III in knapp 7 Stunden nicht geschafft haben: einen nicht beschissenen und sogar sehenswerten Star-Wars-(Fan)Film. Die Leiden des jungen Vaders.

The film is set between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. “Anakin Skywalker is DEAD. For eight months, the mysterious Darth Vader has enforced the Emperor's commands. Fighting between the loss of Padme, and the new cursed life he now leads, Vader must do what must be done when a surviving Jedi Master from Order 66 has lured him to the home planet of his late wife's tomb...”

This is a fan-theory film that dives heavily into Vader as he struggles with his feelings for Padme and broken promises. (Source)

Danke ARTur =)

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