We’re All Going To Die

Eine Sache ist und bleibt sicher: wir werden alle sterben. Im wunderbar weirden Kurzfilm von Stefan Hunt wird das Leben nach vor dem Tod abgehandelt. Und zwar als visuelles Gedicht mit Fuck-It-Lets-Do-This-Motto. In Unterhose.

"We’re All Going To Die" takes on the simple task of exploring the meaning of life. Through colour, imagination, humour and fart jokes, Director Stefan Hunt asks you to look at the what ifs, the why nots and the oh wells that might flash before your eyes when paid a surprise visit by Death.
With your internal monologue played by Jared Jekyll and Death played by Hugo Weaving (The Matrix, Lord of the Rings), you’re prompted to get existential whilst grinning from ear to ear during this independent short film of fantastical weirdness.


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