These are hard Times

These are hard times
I don't even have to tell you that these are hard times
The world is changing
People don't have jobs and those that do are scared their gonna lose 'em
The air is wounded, our food is full of poison
And all we do is stare at our phones waiting for a message
Anything to distract us, literally anything
These are hard times, hell
Even that's an understatement, it's insanity
It's like nobody knows what's true anymore
And it's like nobody cares we live in our bubbles and feed on each other's lies
My sorrow, your sorrow, huh, what's the difference?
We just want to be left alone
Leave us to our games, our celebrity gossip or cheap thrills
And we won't complain, okay?
But just leave us the hell alone

Ein kleiner Abriss über Kapitalismus und Medienkonsum unserer Zeit als lyrischer Diss an die schöne neue Plastik-Welt. Und ist ausnahmsweise kein Sample, sondern stammt aus der Feder von Lance Butters himself. Trifft.

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