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Project Mooncircle: Jubiläumsbox aus 5 Vinyls zum 15. Geburtstag des Berliner Labels

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Mein allerliebstes Lieblingslabel Project Mooncircle feiert seinen 15. Geburtstag und bringt zum Jubiläum eine ultimative Compilation-Box bestehend aus insgesamt 5 Vinylplatten raus. Ein 40-minütiges Medley daraus könnt ihr jetzt schon auf der Geräuschwolke hören. Und so wie das klingt, werde ich mir das Ding wohl gönnen müssen (hier).

"A journey to the moon that began fifteen years ago now reaches another milestone – 15 years, one and a half decades, over 150 individual releases, many many artists, countless professional relationships but also friendships along the way.
Many many stories and shared memories – not all of them good, not all of them bad either. While modern space age technology would make it possible to reach the moon’s surface a lot faster, for us it is not only about moving forward as quickly as possible, but also to turn around, look back and around ourselves and to reflect on everything that happened and is happening.
This is why we have such a broad range of artists guesting on our latest compilation. Some that have been part of the voyage from its earliest stages, others that have been with us for major milestones along the way, and even more that might move ahead with us into new and unchartered musical regions.

Featured on the compilation are such artists as Synkro, Rain Dog, Jehst, Robot Koch, Flako, 40 Winks, Long Arm, submerse, kidkanevil, 1000 Names, Tendts, Kafuka, Erik Luebs, My Panda Shall Fly, CYNE, Soosh, Nuage, Michał Lewicki, Jilk, Sieren, Olof Melander, KRTS, Deft, Barnaby Carter, Rumpistol, Fau, Button Eyes, Deceptikon, Pavel Dovgal, Memotone, Graciela Maria, Mujuice, Stompy’s Playground, Sina., Sweatson Klank, Senoy, Parra for Cuva, Fybe One, Monsoonsiren, Tom Day, and many more.
Artwork by Dave McKean (Dark House Comics / DC Comics / Tundra). The limited box (only 500 copies worldwide) includes five colored vinyl LP’s with over 35 exclusive tracks plus four additional digital bonus tracks (with digital download code), a bonus double CD version exclusively designed by Lorena Assisi, a T-shirt (only size L) and an exclusive documentary about the label – all in a specially designed box by Dave McKean."

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