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Megaxplex: Turbo | Wie ein nostalgischer Drogentrip durch die 80er


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Fast alles, was aus den 80ern kommt. Als 80(!)-minütger Supercut-Movie von Smash TV (bzw. Brandon Shields). Und er fühlt sich ein bisschen an, wie ein nostalgischer Drogentrip zurück durch die Zeit. Mit Epilepsiegefahr, weil tausende von Schnitten. Und Stars wie Hulk Hogan, Akira und den Turtles. 
Noch mehr Bock auf das Ding bekommt ihr, wenn euch die Beschreibung von Projekt Turbo durchlest, die vor Nostalgie nur so sprüht:
"Turbo, Side A of Smash TV's Megaplex, is the coolest thing you've ever seen if you were a late-night-movie-brainwashed 8 year old in 1990. It is the ultimate in-your-face, balls to the wall, no holds barred, over the top, end of the world electric boogaloo dance party, fueled by neon, spandex, ooze, and steroids. So many steroids. 
It's the movie you and your best friends stumble across at the end of the night after frying your brain with nine straight hours of Sonic 2, Streets of Rage 2, and ToeJam & Earl on your Sega Genesis. Or is the whole thing just a Pepsi-induced sugar coma fever dream? It's impossible to say. But you probably shouldn't have drunk that fifth two-liter bottle. 

Turbo is utterly shameless in its love for the most ridiculous and awesome movies that the 1980s and early 90s had to offer. It's what would happen if Cannon Films and New Line Cinema got a little crazy at the club and ended up boning in the bathroom. It's the nights from your childhood that you'll never forget. Those nights are gone. But Turbo lives on in your dreams forever...and Beyond... "


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