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Ein Ollie über 25 Stufen | The Boulala-Stairs – Die gefürchteten Treppen von Lyon


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Es hat Jahre gedauert. Und hat viele viele Verletzungen von vielen vielen Skatern gefordert. Aber nun hat es der jemand aka Jaws geschafft, die anscheinend legendäre Boulala-Treppe in Lyon (siehe Story hier drunter) bestehend aus 25 Stufen zu stehen. Und damit hat Skateboarding quasi die nächste Stufe erreicht - oder irgendwie so. 
Auch wenn intern gemunkelt wird, dass der Trick nicht zählt. Schließlich war der Fahrer nüchtern. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
"If you don't know much about skating, there's a bit of a story behind this video. This stairset was made famous by Ali Boulala's part in a classic skateboarding video called "Sorry". Sorry was utterly legendary, and pretty much every skater from a certain generation has seen it. It's like, oh I dunno, it's like Halo in the gaming community - that one piece of media that everyone has been exposed to.

Skate companies have teams of sponsored pros. In a skate video - like Sorry - each member of the team will have a 5-10min "part" where they showcase their skills, invariably with music in the background. The last trick of a part is called the "ender" and is usually the best one - something massive, insane, highly technical, whatever. It's where the skater shows off what they can do.

Ali Boulala's ender in Sorry was him attempting to ollie this very stairset. I dunno if this spot was completely unknown when he attempted it, but I sure as hell had never seen it before. Watching him evenattempt it was unbelievable - nothing like that had ever been done. Boulala is a bit of a nutter, but this was insane even for him. The video showed him making several attempts at it, and just fucking himself up. Ripping clothes, breaking boards, slamming himself into the ground over and over. It was gob-smacking to watch.

Finally, his part ends with an attempt which looks like it's good; it looks like he's gonna make it. It's in slow-mo, and just as he's about to land it, the screen fades to black. In skating, if you don't roll away, the trick doesn't count. The video left it a bit ambiguous but everyone knew that he didn't make it. Since then, people have attempted it, failed many times, and some people have got badly hurt. This stairset has attained legendary status, because of Sorry.

Boulala is actually in this video - he's the guy with stubble and big frizzy hair. He has sort of hinted that, because Jaws grabbed his board rather than straight ollied it (without touching the board), it's not quite as impressive - which is true, grabbing does make it easier. He also pointed out that he was hungover and high during his attempts, while Jaws apparently was wearing armour or some shit under his clothes, and totally sober.

But yeah, this is a momentous video. That legendary stairset has finally been tamed. Now someone just needs to ollie it without grabbing... " 


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