What Need Angel | Die Songs von Burial visualisiert in einem 5-jährigen Gehirn

Peter Crnokrak hat seinem 5-jährigen Sohnemann per EEG die Hirnströme gemessen. Beim Musik hören. Und zwar von meinem Ambiente-Electro-König Burial. Ein Mix aus schönen Songs (siehe unten), schönen Visuals und einer schönen Idee. Ganz schön schön.

"What Need Angel is a synesthetic transcription of the brainwave response of a five year old boy while listening to music. The project aims to develop a systematic methodology that allows for primal biological experiences to be visualised to facilitate the understanding of the emotional responses to stimuli. The computational video uses dynamic particle animation segments that are woven together to form a seamless, though at times jarring, reflection of the music listening experience. Particle behaviours such as size, speed, colour and direction of movement are all determined by the user’s passive brainwave responses to music stimuli."

Music by Burial : Loner, Kindred, Rival Dealer & Come Down To Us


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