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Bread Bags | Prada-Brot für die Welt!

Handtaschen sind ja nicht unbedingt mein Spezialgebiet. Fashion ohnehin nicht (bevor ich Fashion-Blogger werde, geht die Welt unter, glaubt mir). In dem Fall mach' ich aber mal 'ne Ausnahme. Weil Kunst. Und weil die Prada-Brot-Handtaschen von der Essenskünstlerin Chloe Wise genau meinen Geschmack  treffen. Meinen Appetit und meinen Humor übrigens auch (Brot für die Welt in der Luxus-Version). Vielleicht habe ich aber auch einfach nur Hunger..

"I started this series of sculptures based off the title of those little LV bags: Louis Vuitton baguettes. The pun goes without explaining, with the first one I created taking the title literally. The bread is a mold cast in urethane (plastic) and then oil painted. Bread is a symbol of status and wealth (think “the breadwinner” or the use of the term “dough”) and these “it” bags connoted status in the early 2000s, which was the bat mitzvah era of my life (very important for a coming-of-age Jewess!). 
In those days, (and to a degree even still) these bags represented luxury, status, and afforded their owners instant popularity. I wanted to show the parallels between the idolatry for luxury items in fashion with the equivalent importance of the commodity in the art world. 
In a similar way, sculptures/artworks are valuable status items, and both designer goods and sculptural pieces can be seen as pieces of cultural capital. I have made and will continue to produce more sculptures in the same vein." (aus einem Interview mit Bulletmedia)


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