Springe zum Inhalt


It's all about the Wortspiel. Hinter der Alki-Aktion des schwedischen Synchronschwimmteams steckt aber tatsächlich auch ein Sinn. Deshalb empfehle ich zum Nachmachen auch nur den Teil mit dem Saufen (meinetwegen auch synchron). Und nicht den mit dem Absaufen.

"In 2014 more people drowned in Sweden than in any other year in the last decade. In fact, in the month of July, Swedish water-related accidents cost more lives than road traffic accidents. Most of the drowning victims were men and the majority had consumed alcohol. Many authorities are working hard to reverse this trend. But we also need your help to spread the message and ensure we change our behaviour when drinking around water environments.
 To show how alcohol affects our judgement and capabilities, we asked some of the world’s most sought after Synchronised Swimming Team, to perform their routine for us. Drunk. They were filmed for the short documentary Don’t Drink and Dive. Members of the three-time world champion Stockholm Men’s Synchronised Swimming Team are also representative of those most likely to drink and dive in Sweden – middle aged men."