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Ein futuristisch verstörender und zwischen Technik und Natur hin- und her glitchender Kurzfilm (von AB/CD/CD) basierend auf einem Sci-Fi-Gedicht von Richard Brautigan: “All watched over by machines of loving grace”, 1967.

Dystopia is no longer tomorrow. It is here, now and today. Entropy is real and will never stop. That’s how we understand R. Brautigan’s poem when we read it today. That’s what it means to us. He may have written it in a much more optimistic way in a much more optimistic time… Or was he being sarcastic?
Today everything has changed, global warming scares us, the harmony between nature, animals and human beings is broken, we are scared of our place in the ecological environment, we are disorientated. We are hoping technology can solve our problems, but instead it takes us away from reality and no matter what, we can’t resist.
In “Server Room”, we develop an enigmatic universe where an AI tries to recreate this balance between mammals and computers, but this attempt only produces distortion and monsters, each attempts to “watch over” goes wrong, we’re not sure if there is a happy end here.
This is a first step before another short film which will follow next year, set in a totally different world, but revolving around the same emergency.


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