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Schweizer Splatter mit Käse & Toblerone: Badass-Heidi | Von den Mondnazis zur Alm

Die erwachsen gewordene Badass-Heidi, Toblerone-Spieße und schweizer Taschenmesserstiche. Swissploitation-Splatter von den Mondnazi-Machern von Iron Sky. Inklusive Fondue-Folter mit Käse überbackenen Gesichtern. Mad Heidi.

It’s all been there: Blaxploitation, Mexploitation, Sexploitation, Nunsploitation, Naziploitation. We think it’s about time for the first Swissploitation film!

The Heidi story moved the hearts of whole generations around the world. But meanwhile Heidi has grown up, just like us. She ain’t no sweet little kid anymore. Let's take the famous Swiss mountain girl, cheese and the beautiful alps and combine them with Nazi gold, chocolate and Swiss Army Knives. Add a few gallons of blood and lots of fun. That’s MAD HEIDI!

In the near future the world is sinking into war and chaos, but Switzerland has sealed itself off as an island of the rich. A despotic cheese magnate is ruling the country with an iron fist to maintain an artificial postcard-image of Switzerland. When Heidi is abducted by brutal government troops, she must defend herself and fight her war against the cheese-fueled machinery of hate. They will soon realize they just fucked with the wrong Heidi!

via schweizvertreib

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