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Audio-visual Time-Lapse of every Death from the Coronavirus

Die permanent steigenden Todeszahlen während einer weltweiten Pandemie, aber als düsteres Klangkunsterlebnis vom Komponisten James Beckwith. Ein gruselig bedrückender "Corona-Soundtrack", der sich anfühlt wie das Gegenteil eines Pulsschlags.

This is an audio-visual time-lapse of every death from the Coronavirus pandemic from January to June 2020. Inspired by Isao Hashimoto's “A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945”; each country is represented by a tone and an expanding blip on the map when a death from Covid-19 is recorded. Each day is 4 seconds long, and at the top of the screen is the date and a counter showing the total numbers of deaths.


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