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Golden Words

Im Brexit-Land gibt es offenbar doch noch Politiker, die nicht völlig irre wirken und sogar vernünftige Dinge sagen: "I thought I'd met posh people, but I'd just met people who ate olives."

Labour MP Jess Phillips takes aim at politicians considering imposing a £30,000 pay threshold for EU workers to be considered skilled, saying: 'I have met many people who earn way more than £30,000 and have literally no discernible skills, not even one.' The MP for Birmingham Yardley says the post-Brexit immigration proposal was 'insulting' to the care workers, nurses and teachers who live in her electorate. 'I have definitely met some very rich people who earn huge amounts of money who I wouldn’t let hold my pint if I had to go and vote while in the bar,' she says.

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