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Kurzdoku: Fake News Fairytale


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Eine auf VHS und Super8 gefilmte Doku über mazedonische Teenanger, die einen Haufen Kohle damit gemacht haben, Fake-News zu schreiben und auf die Wechselwirkungen von Politik und Politikern aufmerksam macht, die solche Fake-News zitieren. The Fake News Fairytale.

“As a documentary filmmaker who tries to anchor my work in the truth, I find fake news simultaneously fascinating and terrifying” director Stonehill reveals. “I was looking for a way into the fake news phenomenon and, after reading an article in Wired Magazine about what was happening in Veles, I became intrigued by the idea of teenagers in Macedonia pumping out bizarre political clickbait that affects a political ecosystem thousands of miles away”.

“I wanted to ask questions about the nature of fake news and explore why lies imprint themselves so successfully on our political and social landscapes”, Stonehill explains. “There are so many facets to the fake news issue. There are the tech companies, the people who are writing the fake news, and the politicians who echo, repeat or originate these toxic lies. I hope the film draws some connections between these different elements and makes people think about the different interconnected aspects of the fake news ecosystem”. (Source)


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