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Awaken Akira

Akira wurde wieder mal erweckt. In einer trailernden Hommage an den Anime-Klassiker, auf dessen Realverfilmung die Welt nun schon seit 30 Jahren sehnsüchtig wartet. Als kleinen Vorgeschmack auf die Dinge, die da bald kommen werden - und dann hoffentlich mindestens genauso gut aussehen (wenn Hollywood es nicht verkackt).

Awaken Akira was created by two friends, Ash Thorp and Zaoeyo (XiaoLin Zeng), who wanted to collaborate on a tribute to the iconic anime, Akira, by Katsuhiro Otomo. It’s creation took over a year, as we had to coordinate our time on it with other project commitments.
We hope you find it was well worth the wait and truly enjoy our efforts. We would like to thank Pilotpriest for the masterful score, as well as Raf Grassetti and The Joelsons for their help on the project. We would also like to give our most sincere thank you to Otomo-san and all the men and women who helped bring Akira to life. Akira has and will always be a timeless and continual muse for all of us.

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