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Pink Hover-DeLorean-Swag: Oliver Tree – Cash Machine

Der Scooter-Boy wird zum Back-to-the-Future-Boy. Im pinken Hover-DeLorean. Oliver Tree hat wieder mal all sein Swag in ein Musikvideo gestopft und schewbt lässig übers Wasser. Und zwar mit mehr Power als Marty McFly. Musik aus der Zukunft, die nach der Zukunft aus Zurück in die Zukunft spielt: jetzt.

He’s typically seen riding a Razor scooter while sporting a goofy bowl cut and looking like an image ripped directly from an article on BuzzFeed about remembering the ‘90s. If this description sounds familiar, you’ve seen Oliver Tree.

Oliver Tree isn’t just a living, breathing meme, he’s also a talented vocalist with an insanely unique voice. Tree got his start in 2013 when he released music under the name Tree. Years later, he started collaborating with popular electronic producers like Whethan and Getter, but now he’s stepping up and making a name for himself by releasing his own solo tunes yet again.

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